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2 Ways to Get Involved at Polly Ryon Middle School

mother and daughter

It is always encouraged for students and parents to get involved in school activities. For the community of Summer Lakes, there are two great opportunities for this school year. Parents can join the Ryon Community Organization as members to help the different school events run as smoothly as possible. Members will also have the opportunity to be the first to sign up to volunteer for such events. This organization’s goal is to help support Polly Ryon Middle School’s students, faculty and staff by providing what is needed in the school. If any parents in the Summer Lakes Community would like to sign up, please visit the website for the form

 Polly Ryon Middle School has been a part of the Heart & Sole program for seven years geared towards empowering girls to “keep pushing forward”. This program has the same concept of motivating young girls to develop their life skills as the nationwide “Girls on the Run” program but is only available to middle school girls. During these years, girls will come across many contradicting messages that can hinder their confidence and impact how they perform in their future careers. Heart & Sole aims to help girls push through these messages by creating a safe space for them to discuss any issues and difficulties while learning about the importance of health and fitness. The nationwide Girls on the Run program also includes a 5K that all girls will participate in. Within the course of the ten-week program, girls will be trained and coached through different running games to prepare them for the final run with their team, as well. 

The season will begin the week of September 9, 2019. After August 31, 2019, registration for this program will be on a first come first served basis depending on the remaining spots. This program is online registration only.

Please visit the Girls on the Run website to learn more about the Heart & Sole program.