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Dear LCISD Students and Alumni

Summer Lakes and Summer Park’s parents and students, remember those days when you recorded a video into a camcorder, exported it onto a CD, and dropped it into a handmade treasure box at school? If you said something you may have regretted, here’s your second chance. Lamar CISD is asking current students and alumni from all Lamar CISD schools to submit a video for a district wide project announced on Twitter earlier this week.

Unlike your first recording, there is structure this time. Mr. Kasey Willeby, Theater Arts teacher for Foster High School, is heading this project and asking for participants to say these two sentences in their video:

“I am LCISD.” 

“LCISD taught me _______.”

Please email your videos to

Although this may seem like another mundane task on your to-do list, your participation will help this project become a precious memorial for Lamar CISD. You may get the chance to see clips of your childhood and high school friends in this video, and have the option to reconnect. Your children can look back on this in a few years to find out what LCISD taught them in elementary or middle school. If you’re a graduate from this district, your children will get to find out what Lamar CISD taught you about yourself and what other opportunities came from these schools. This is LCISD’s version of a home video. It’s a memory, and a moment for you to share what this school district did for you. 

Mr. WIlleby is giving all Lamar graduates the time to reflect and share what became most important for them during their time in school. As adults, time is a commodity and that makes it so difficult to sit back and think about all of your accomplishments. The fleeting glimpses of our childhood are quickly dissolved with the worries of the day. Take this opportunity by the horns and give yourself the time to participate. It will be so valuable for future students to understand how far their education at Lamar CISD can take them.