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George Ranch High School Student Overcomes Obstacles

High school sports can often build confidence, leadership, and self-respect. Students learn to set goals and managing their time. Skyler Herrera, a student at George Ranch High School, has overcome large obstacles to focus on some big goals. 

Skylar was just 6 years old when she incurred a spinal cord injury from a motor vehicle accident. She has mobility in her hands, but is paralyzed from the chest down. Skylar reports her biggest accomplishment in life as recovering. Admittedly, it was not an easy road.

In order to maintain a positive outlook, Skylar is using her platform to advocate for individuals with different abilities. She has become involved in high school track and credits adaptive sports for her growth in confidence.

Skylar states, “Being in track is really fun. It’s a lot of work, though. When I’m on the track it’s really freeing to be going that fast. It’s kind of an adrenaline rush and is really exciting just to feel that.”

Skylar has her eyes on the Junior Paralympics where she can further increase her visibility and platform.  “I want to be an advocate for people like me, that feel that other people just see the chair and not anything beyond that, and that’s really what I want to focus on because I’m so much more than just a chair,” Skylar said.