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Lamar CISD Approves Bond Proposal

Lamar CISD has approved four propositions for the $792.5 million school bond proposal to be placed on the November ballot. Based on a new state law, voters will have the ability to vote on the four propositions individually. The bond proposal provides funds for repairs, upgraded technology, improvements to facilities and new projects.

Proposition A provides funds for a new high school, three elementary schools, a new junior high and middle school. The proposal also includes a new district police station, new tennis courts, football field upgrades and additional athletic department improvements. Funds are allotted for new school buses, future land development, and new orchestra room.

Proposition B provides funding for replacing the swimming pool at Terry High School and building a new pool at Randle High School.

Proposition C funds go toward construction and land purchase of a second football stadium.

Proposition D will fund student laptops and iPads along with laptops and desktops for teachers.

Visit Lamar CISD to learn more about the current bond proposal.

SOURCE: Houston Chronicle