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Shop Local to Support Your Community

Local businesses are what makes communities such as Summer Lakes unique and inviting. These businesses in Rosenberg have often stepped up and supported  local fundraising efforts for your community. Now is our time to give back to these local businesses and ensure that they can reopen those doors. You may be asking yourself how you can help support your local favorites from home.


Stock up on gift cards - provide your local shops in Rosenberg with immediate relief by purchasing gift cards. It’s a win-win! Start checking off the Christmas and birthday lists for family early this year.


Give a five star review - start following local favorites on social media. Share positive reviews with others to help promote business efforts.


Shop online - Does your local business have online products or services? Enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home.


Support local restaurants - check with your local favorites to see if they are offering take out or delivery options. Tip your delivery person a little extra.


Try not to cancel - reschedule appointments and services rather than canceling. This lets them know you will be there when things go back to normal. Check with local businesses providing a recurring service and see if they are being innovative and continuing to provide the service online.


Support local and stay safe!